Sumo fighters for Sleepaa.

Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza advertisements. Hippichiqui. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Illustrations for the exhibition 50 Miradas. Client: Basque Culinary Centre

Music I composed and recorded for Galeries Lafayette. Art Direction: Micol Talso. Direction: Miguel Usandivaras. Mixed and mastered by Calde Ramírez grandmasterflash. Are u experienced?

Animations and Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza. Spirit of the Island. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Don’t go to the other neighborhood to do things you can do on your own neighborhood! (all right mamma?). Campaign for the City Hall of…

Mural in Takigahara’s farm. A magic place in the deep Japan. Commisioned by Teruo Kurosaki for his amazing eco-café in the middle of nowhere.

I composed and recorded this song for a wet and shaky Pornhub campaign promoting a huge collection of dildos. Client: Officer & Gentleman for Pornhub….

Cover for Yorokobu! A dreamy afternoon in some andalusian lost beach. Is this our strongest desire?

Client: Alcances Cinema Festival. Poster for the edition number 50 of this glorious documentary international festival of one of the oldest european cities.    

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