Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza advertisements. Hippichiqui. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Illustrations for the exhibition 50 Miradas. Client: Basque Culinary Centre

Music I composed and recorded for Galeries Lafayette. Art Direction: Micol Talso. Direction: Miguel Usandivaras. Mixed and mastered by Calde Ramírez grandmasterflash. Are u experienced?

Animations and Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza. Spirit of the Island. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Don’t go to the other neighborhood to do things you can do on your own neighborhood! (all right mamma?). Campaign for the City Hall of…

Mural in Takigahara’s farm. A magic place in the deep Japan. Commisioned by Teruo Kurosaki for his amazing eco-café in the middle of nowhere.

I composed and recorded this song for a wet and shaky Pornhub campaign promoting a huge collection of dildos. Client: Officer & Gentleman for Pornhub….

Cover for Yorokobu! A dreamy afternoon in some andalusian lost beach. Is this our strongest desire?

Client: Alcances Cinema Festival. Poster for the edition number 50 of this glorious documentary international festival of one of the oldest european cities.    

Commissioned by art director David Velasco for 20 Minutos Newspaper. Spain. Are we using eco-nscioussness in our daily life?

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