Mural in Takigahara’s farm. A magic place in the deep Japan. Commisioned by Teruo Kurosaki for his amazing eco-café in the middle of nowhere.

I composed and recorded this song for a wet and shaky Pornhub campaign promoting a huge collection of dildos. Client: Officer & Gentleman for Pornhub….

Cover for Yorokobu! A dreamy afternoon in some andalusian lost beach. Is this our strongest desire?

Client: Alcances Cinema Festival. Poster for the edition number 50 of this glorious documentary international festival of one of the oldest european cities.    

Commissioned by art director David Velasco for 20 Minutos Newspaper. Spain. Are we using eco-nscioussness in our daily life?

Original music for IE Business School. Client: McNulty. Commissioned by Esteban Perles. DUM DA BUM

Buena Vida, El País. It’s time to Vermut!

showcase for NAC. 16 metres of christmas illustrations in the centre of Madrid. Client: Wozere.

Illustrations for Urso Hotel. Client: Wozere. Let’s go inside Urso!

Ice cream. Oishi. For BV El País, Spain.

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