Cover for Archiletras Magazine. Commissioned by always clever David Velasco. Spain in China. Cultural invasion. Jamón and Dim Sum. Tres delisia, Shar Pei. Cervantes meets…

Diálogos de Cocina is top of the pops. Pops of tops. When you go pop, you can’t stop. Everybody’s in the table, doin’ their thing….

New collection for kids! Sleepaa hitting the road again! <3

Art from my band’s new album, Caballo Rojo.

Sumo fighters for Sleepaa.

Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza advertisements. Hippichiqui. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Illustrations for the exhibition 50 Miradas. Client: Basque Culinary Centre

Music I composed and recorded for Galeries Lafayette. Art Direction: Micol Talso. Direction: Miguel Usandivaras. Mixed and mastered by Calde Ramírez grandmasterflash. Are u experienced?

Animations and Illustrations for Pacha Ibiza. Spirit of the Island. Client: Officer & Gentleman

Don’t go to the other neighborhood to do things you can do on your own neighborhood! (all right mamma?). Campaign for the City Hall of…

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